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Location is everything, as they say, and Chattanooga certainly is "located." The very southern Appalachians give over to the Cumberland Plateau, which makes Chattanooga perfect for outdoor sports. Fishing, rock climbing, hunting, and so on are available here for the sports enthusiast. But, the big draw like a domestic version of Japan’s Mount Fuji – visible everywhere – is Lookout Mountain.

If the remaining See Rock City barns all around the south don’t get you up that mountain, you’ll miss the brilliant combination of man-made and natural attractions there. Atop the mountain when the weather conditions are right, they say you can see seven states, including Kentucky and Virginia. Is this true? I don’t know, but that’s their story and they stick to it. I guess there’s no reason to doubt them. Ride the cable car up that steep incline and see Ruby Falls, too.

The Civil War figures into the history of Chattanooga, of course. There were three Battles of Chattanooga and one of Lookout Mountain. Bessie Smith, the seminal blues singer, was born here. One end of the Cumberland Trail is in Chattanooga. You can decide whether it’s the beginning or the end. But, a killer achievement worth mentioning is that the town presided over the invention of the tow truck. Now, that’s somethin’. Before you leave, go to the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum.

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