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WHAT Gatlinburg kicks off the fall season with an evening of delicious food and memorable music. WHAT is a meat connoisseur's dream to serve some of the best barbecue dishes in the South.

The riverbank - an event that attracts nearly 700,000 people - has grown from a small gathering of performers and a weekend of music to a larger, more than lifetime, multi-day festival with more than 1,500 performers. From banana pudding to live music and food trucks, this two-day festival will keep visitors on their toes throughout the day. Visitors can also look forward to an evening of entertainment with local musicians, food and drink stalls and entertainment from local bands.

This fantastic July 4th event features a variety of activities including live music, food trucks, fireworks, fireworks and more. The event features live entertainment from local bands and grocers as well as fireworks and fireworks. Leash pets are always welcome and the event is free and public.

Whether it's rain or sunshine, visitors will find everything from deep-fried apple pie to spin-a-wheel rides, live music and more. Other highlights of the festival include fireworks, food trucks, a carnival, fireworks and much more!

Previous riverside performances included various musical performances, including "Dismembered," "Crazy Horse" and more. Local vendors, including the Chattanooga Music Hall of Fame, Ole Miss and many more, will provide the entertainment, while local bands, as well as local food trucks and other vendors will provide entertainment. Previous RiverBend appearances include "The Big Bang Theory" and "American Idol."

The Chattanooga Guitar Fair is unlike any other fair where you can see and try out music products. Guests can enjoy a variety of free concerts at the Chattanooga Music Hall of Fame on Saturday, July 23, from 2 to 5 p.m. This is a bespoke car show with a wide range of cars, motorcycles, trucks and other vehicles from all over the world.

The Chattanooga Market is a weekly outdoor market where you can find everything from picking up products to selling artists and artisans selling their home-made products in the Chattanooga area. This annual event features a variety of food and beverage vendors as well as a wide selection of craft beers, wines and wine tastings. Developed by operators and managers from across the state of Georgia, and available for purchase at the event.

This two-day festival unmistakably supports original and unique visual arts, including a food court held at First Tennessee Pavilion. This event offers a variety of arts and crafts shows as well as a wide selection of food and beverage suppliers. There are live music, food trucks, artisans, dealers and more than 100 artists, musicians and musicians.

Shows include blacksmithing, quilting, weaving and woodcarving, petting zoo, children's playground and much more.

Come to listen to big band music, take dance lessons and mingle with characters from the history of Rock City for a fun weekend of fun and entertainment. Visitors to this event will be treated to wine and live music on the historic Walnut Street Bridge. Bridging events, including the new Best Cellar tasting, will take place in the week before the event.

This event requires a permit to present an insurance certificate stating that the city of Chattanooga is insured. Due to the planned closure of the Walnut Street Bridge during the event, the application must be submitted with an insurance certificate labeled "City of Chattahoochee" or "Additional Insurance." The application can be downloaded from the Chattanooga Department of Transportation website or accessed on its website. A special permit application can also be downloaded or requested from the Department of Transport on the number 423 - 643 - 5950.

Chattanooga and Hamilton County are listed below, with other counties following in alphabetical order. Passengers travel by Grand Junction East train to Chattanooga and enter the Fun House area, which includes coloring books, games and activities for children and adults. Arrive with family and friends and arrive in Summerville, Georgia in time for a relaxing stay.

Country artist Ronnie McDowell will be the headliner of the entertainment, and this event invites visitors to pack a picnic and enjoy live music, food trucks, live entertainment and more. This heritage, which shares Charleston's history, is returning for another year, with a variety of activities for children and adults, as well as food and entertainment.

From 5 to 10 p.m., this family-friendly event offers a costume competition, musical entertainment, games and raffles, and self-guided tours. In 2019, the festival will feature a variety of food trucks, live music, food vendors, a children's area and more, as well as a self-guided museum tour.

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More About Chattanooga