Chattanooga Tennessee Restaurants

Since its launch in Chattanooga, Champy Fried Chicken has become one of the most popular restaurants in the Chattanooga area and possibly throughout the country. The Tokyo in CHATTANOOGA, which is called Sekisui, has moved several times, but never quite left.

The restaurant is famous for its award-winning ribs, but smoked chicken, pork belly and smoked pork ribs are definitely worth a try. This restaurant, which is owned by the same local restaurant group that owns Community Pie, has some of the best burgers in town and a wide selection of meats and cheeses. It's just a butcher's shop and deli, but has just opened a restaurant that now serves the worst burger in town.

Get your fries, grab a spoon, dig in and grab some of the best burgers in town and a wide selection of meats and cheeses. There's nothing wrong with a burger in this restaurant, especially if you're in the market for some good-looking hot dogs, fries and beer.

Knoxville heads to Sunspot, where fresh, handmade vegetarian food is served, as well as a wide selection of craft beer and wine.

The last time I got fish and chips here, they were salmon and they're still as good as ever. The concert space also serves as a great place for live music and other events, such as the annual Chattanooga Music Festival.

Elvira's Cafe in Sevierville opens seasonally from March and there are pancakes galore on the menu. Get your flaky hard drives and find plenty of plates in the kitchen or head to one of the many outdoor seating areas, such as the outdoor patio.

Clarksville - Made in Clarksville : Try one of the many typical tacos, including the fried tuna taco, taco con quesadilla or tacos con chorizo.

The burritos are made from classic Mexican items tailored to your needs, paired with a great location and fast service. Have one of the best tacos in town, such as the burrito con quesadilla, tacos con chorizo, tacos con guacamole or tacos de cilantro.

It is one of the best restaurants in Chattanooga with an extensive selection of steaks and seafood, and it is just a few blocks from the headquarters of the Chattanooga Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Cajun catfish is amazing, and a visit to Uncle Larry's restaurant isn't complete without an order. Fresh from the catch of the day in Tennessee, the catfish is covered in effervescent spices and fried until crisp and tender. This southern staple gets extra lovin 'from the oven with innovative toppings placed between layers. With the heavy fatty cuisine that dominates the region so much, it's perfect for a breakfast or light lunch that's equally satisfying and Instagram-worthy.

A great place in Chattanooga is historic St. Elmo's, although the restaurant is only open Tuesday through Saturday during the week. Brainerd Road is open Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. M. and is open from Monday to Saturday. A covered, uncovered seating area on the terrace opens onto Bringerd Road, so be sure to check the opening hours and menu online before planning your visit. It also has a beer and a selection of local craft beers, wines and spirits.

re new to the Chattanooga restaurant scene and know you won't really check every restaurant here, pick the places listed. There are apps and websites that can do that for you, but there may not be a taste for everyone. If you do, the food will be delicious and the restaurants will all be accessible for wheelchair users without any problems, so your visit will be not only memorable but also enjoyable.

Hatties goo with seasonal and classic ice flavors, garnished with manufactured - by - scratch toppings. Head to one of the many other restaurants serving a wide variety of food, from fried to perfect, to burgers, chips and more. A place where your milkshake comes stacked high in a mason jar with roasted marshmallows, chocolate chips, peanut butter and chocolate syrup.

Every time I'm in town, I like to try out a new place, and the six restaurants featured here have been Chattanooga landmarks for decades, and they don't seem to change anytime soon. All 14 offer the best culinary experience on the menu and you will be happy to return the next time you visit. This upscale dining room at the Colonial Revival Mansion offers a wide selection of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, great service and a great atmosphere. The restaurant is located right next to the Chattanooga Natural History Museum, so you can try their new exhibition "Chattanooga, Tennessee: History and Heritage.

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