Atlanta company to construct data center in Birmingham

Published 07-09-2018

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) – An Atlanta-based technology company plans to construct a data center at an old steel-making site in downtown Birmingham.

DC BLOX announced Monday it will use the 27-acre site of a former Trinity Steel plant to locate a facility that could be valued at some $785 million over the next decade.

The initial, 31,000-square-foot Birmingham data center will join the company's sites in Atlanta, Huntsville and Chattanooga, Tennessee, on its private fiber optic network.

About 20 jobs will be created at first. The company's CEO, Jeff Uphues, says the Birmingham center will become its flagship property and could grow to more than 200,000-square-feet (18,500-sq. meters) of data center space.

Birmingham used to be a hub for steel, but its economy is now more dependent on education, health care and technology.

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